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Situs Poker

Basically the poker game itself has been around for a long time. But for the origin of the poker game where exactly no one knows clearly. The initial form of the game within Poker itself covers only within an Asian Betting game in the past, as well as where the game originated in Persia was known as An nas Primero or Primera, a game from Europe that was also most popular in the 16th century And also 17 who can be said to have so many similarities with modern poker.

The same game where for example brag from England, pochen from Germany and poque from France. Appearing at the age of 18, French merchants introduced Poker directly to North America where in 1700 and to finally be known on the modern label Poker. Poker game is also arguably very popular once in Messisippi river ships and in a number of stalls in the area bordered West America in 1800.

When the name of the deck numbered 52 cards have become a standard and also the rules of play began to be made, in the 20th century, poker game also has a very rapid development in the United States. Related to playing Poker alone is just where to fill the spare where during the 2nd world war so that where the game like Poker itself so game for home.

In the 20th century Poker was growing rapidly due to having a lot of time and where the place of gambling was considered a legal place in Nevada in 1931, but has not debuted with the Situs Poker online system. In 1970, Biniion Casino in Las Vegas Nevada began to be held World Series Of Poker for yearly. Started just as many as 5 players at the beginning of the tournament that had become developed so it became an event that spelled out the largest and also very famous in the world.

In a number of information above where related to the origin of the existence of Poker. It is arguably not too obvious for from the beginning because a number of histories are arguably no one can know the history of the Poker game. Spelled out is very short of course for poker game fans want to know related game poker games. With increasingly very rapidly growing even where in the presence of a number of highly sophisticated technology so that the current play becomes an online system. This of course can be said a very modern change once, and became the forerunner to the birth of Situs Poker Online.

Of course it will be easier where to play anytime and anywhere. Even with the more advanced, to play poker any course already there are a number of rules. Some rules of poker itself must be able to be obeyed and followed. If you deviate from a number of rules then of course there are a number of penalties for the players.